batteryBattery Efficiency

groupsGuardian Groups

escalating-alertAlert Escalation

In order to reduce our App's draw on your devices battery, it does not run the GPS tracking 100% of the time.

Guardian Groups allow you to quickly check with friends, family, and neighbors should your child go missing from home or from an event you might be attending with your Guardian Group members.

If no one in your Guardian Group has seen your child, you can escalate the alert and send it out to members in the vicinity or the entire network.


  • The Child Guardian Network App utilizes your phone's GPS capabilities.

  • Instead our system checks your location at 15 minute intervals and stores the location on our servers. This makes our App energy efficient.


  • The Child Guardian Network allows users to create multiple Guardian Groups.

  • An example of a guardian group would be a people from your neighborhood.

  • Sometimes your child goes to a friend's house without telling you. You can send out an alert to all of your child's friends parents and check with them to see if your child is at their place.


  • In many cases children wonder off and are later found. The Child Guardian App allows you to escalate your alert as required. For example, if you're expecting your child home from school but they do not arrive you can send out an alert to one of your Guardian Groups.

  • If this yields no results you can further escalate.


Critical Details Access

tipsTips Blog

alert-creationAlert Creation

The Child Guardian App allows you to store and manage all of your child's details that are critical to distribute if your child goes missing.

The tips blog allows 2-way dialog between yourself and all members who may have tips regarding your child's location.

You have a choice to send the alert to one or all of your guardian groups, distribute to members in the immediate vicinity, or send out to the entire network.


  • Along with the usual details such as height, hair color, distinguishing features, etc., our system also allows you to store a head shot image, side profile image, and a full body image.


  • Once an alert has been created, Child Guardian members can submit tips pertaining to the alert.

  • If a Child Guardian has found your child, the tips blog forms a means for that member to communicate with you.


  • The Child Guardian App allows you to send out an alert with all of your child's pertinent details should they go missing.


Suspect Image Upload

posterPoster Creation

socialSocial Integration

If your child goes missing and you happen to have a suspect picture or are able to take a picture of a suspect vehicle, you can add these images to the alert.

When you send an alert via the Child Guardian App, the system automatically generates and emails a print-ready poster with all of the alert details.

The Child Guardian Network's power comes from developing a large Child Guardian user base. Our App makes it easy for you to invite friends and families to join the network and to join your Guardian Groups.


  • These images will also get distributed to the members so that they can have a visual on a suspect, or their vehicle.


  • The poster is an 8.5" x 11" standard print piece which can easily be printed and distributed, or emailed to the authorities.


Building the network and your Guardian Groups can be done in 3 ways:

  1. You can create your profile via Facebook which allows you to invite all of your Facebook friends to join the network of your specific Guardian Group.

  2. The system has been integrated with your device's phone contact list so you can easily add all or some of your contacts that are already in your phone to join the network of your specific Guardian Group.

  3. Our system allows you to manually invite people to join the network of your specific Guardian Group.