What is Child Guardian?

Studies have found 76.2 percent of abducted children who are murdered are dead within three hours of the abduction. The Child Guardian Network is a network developed for the sole propose of helping parents find missing children quickly. It enables a parent to take instant action when a child is missing and not waste any valuable time. It keeps the details required in an abduction readily available and allows you to send out notifications and details to other Child Guardians and the police IMMEDIATELY.

How does It work?

Realizing your child is missing is a TERRIBLE feeling. Panic, fear, helplessness all get rolled into one horrific moment. The Child Guardian Network gives you the ability to Issue an alert and send out all of your child's details IMMEDIATELY to Child Guardians in the vicinity. Members get notified of the alert and can view your alert details, child's picture, child's description, suspect data, location of disappearance etc. Members can provide any tips to you directly via the app. An alert gets closed by the issuer and all members get notified once you have been reunited with your child.

Why don't I just send out a message to may Facebook or Google Plus friends if my child goes missing?

General social media networks are flooded with peoples updates pertaining to numerous topics. In most cases one gets desensitized to the massive amounts of status updates and wall posting messages, not to mention all of the ancillary invites to play games and such.

The Child Guardian Networks SOLE propose is to help find missing children. Our guardians and the parents who subscribe to our service know that IF they receive an alert from our network that it is pertaining to a missing child. Our alerts do not get ignored like most of the other social network message pollution.

Why do you ask for my email address?

We ask for an email address to use as your account name. Most people have no trouble remembering their email address and it allows us to take advantage of using social media log in interfaces. The use of preexisting social media log in interfaces notifies your preexisting contacts of your registration. We do this so it helps notify people of our network in hopes of growing it. The larger our network is the more Child Guardians we have watching out for our children.

We DO NOT share your email address with anybody. Our business is protecting children, not selling customer data.

What is a Guardian Group?

A Guardian Group allows you to connect with all of your friends and family in the case of a child's disappearance. For example: In a neighborhood full of children you can communicate with all of the local parents and get them to join your neighborhood guardian network. If any of the neighborhood kids go missing you can QUICKLY contact everybody in your neighborhood and get them looking for your child with a few clicks of a button.

Can I use the app when I travel out of the country?

Yes, When travelling out of country you can still use them app if necessary as long as you have a access to a 3G network connection or WiFi.

Is there a cost to download the app?

The app is FREE. We encourage you to download the app and register to become a guardian so that you may some day have the chance to help save a child. Hopefully it is an app that sits on your phone and never gets used.

If you are a parent and want to have the ability to store your children's data and have the ability to send out alerts there is a fee of $24.99/year.

Why does creating an alert also send me a poster with my child's details on it?

The system generates a poster that is print-ready that you can forward to the police. The police can save some valuable time by not having to create their own document with your child's details on it. It gives them something they can send to all departments and agencies IMMEDIATELY.

Will I need to pay to use the system twice if my spouse and I have different smart phone operating systems?

Your account will work jointly regardless of your phone's OS. You simply download the app for your device and then log in with the credentials entered on the device that the account was created on.

What do I do If I receive an alert?

If you receive an alert, it means a child has gone missing in your vicinity or that the child of one of the members of your Guardian Group has gone missing. View the alert details to you know what the child looks like and other details of the alert. Keep watch for this child if you are in a public place and if you see the child you can submit a tip via the app. The parent who issued the alert will receive your message. If you received a message from a Guardian Group you can coordinate search efforts of your group via the Child Guardian App.

How can I contribute to the Child Guardian Community?

You can register. When you register you are given the ability to invite people from your phones contact list to join the network. Send the invite to EVERYBODY and help us build our network. You can also download our poster and post anywhere and everywhere possible. Liking us on Facebook and following us Twitter will also help us tap into any other contacts you may have. The network gets more solid with every new Guardian that signs up. Our annual fee of $24.99/year allows you access to the network functionality that can help you find your lost child. This fee allows us to further develop, enhance and market the Guardian Network and make it more effective.

How current are the locations of members in the Child Guardian Network?

In order to preserve battery life, the Child Guardian App updates members locations only when there has been a significant change. When a significant change is noticed the Child Guardian App will turn on the GPS momentarily in order to update your location information.